Problems & Solutions


Taskfair aggregates listings from all famous marketplaces.


Taskfair is free. And that means no transaction fee.


User protected with an escrow smart contract.


  • Idea and research
  • Web product beta testing complete
    Jul 2017
  • Fundraising
    Apr 16 – May 16 2018
    Taskfair V.1 / Smart Contracts
    May 20 2018
  • Taskfair V.2 / Steemit implementation
    Nov 2018
    Taskfair V.3 / Improvements
    May 2019
  • Concept and web product alpha
  • Taskfair website redesign
    Mar 15 - Apr 15 2018
    Smart contract prototype & white paper release
    Dec 2017
  • Taskfair mobile apps launch & mobile integration
    July 2018
    Taskfair marketing campaign launch
    June 2018
  • Machine learning implementation
    Oct 2019


Pavel Popov

co-founder & CEO
Business development director,  partner at Radugadesign

Bryan Cohen

Co-Founder & COO
Business guru with experience both nationally & internationally

Anna Justice

Co-founder & BDE
Entrepreneur, real estate insider, international trade expert

Vadim Volgin

co-founder & CMO
Entrepreneur, investment manager, marketing agency owner

Mark Schwartz

Co-Founder & CSO
A technology attorney and blockchain evangelist

Alex Strah

CTO & Smart Contracts
10+ years in software development and testing

Stan Ostrovskiy

UI & Mobile
Senior iOS Engineer at American Express

Fuad D.

Product Executive
BA Innovation Consultant AI/Blockchain/BioHack Geek Tech London Advocates VirginStartup Mentor

Natalie Salykine

Business Development
Blockchain enthusiast

John Livieratos

Relations Manager
Crypto community enthusiast, trading veteran

Advisory board

Michael Terpin

Strategy Advisor, Investor and Mentor Co-Founder of BitAngels, Bitcoin Syndicate. Founded Market Wired, Social Radius, Coin Agenda

Lionel Iruk, Esq.

Managing Partner & General Counsel Empire Global Partners, Was Lead Counsel of The Naga ICO, Open Trading Network, Spectre AI

Shashwat Gupta

Growth Advisor, Entrepreneur, Advisor for Safex and Safe Haven, Head of Business at Altcoin Buzz

David Mondrus

Entrepreneur, Advisor, Bitcoin Enthusiast. Was CTO at Bigstar and most recently CEO of OneModelPlace

Thomas Labenbacher

Top Fintech Influencer, Founder, Investor, Speaker Partner at VC.Sreda

Peter Dray

CEO at Driva Blockchain Consulting Driva Blockchain Consulting

David Drake

Founder and Chairman at LDJ Capital, Entrepreneur, Advisor, Leader in Blockchain and Crypto Communities

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