Frequently Asked Questions

Taskfair is the US based home services on demand platform connecting users with local businesses and contractors. Taskfair home service website from a traditional approach to a global decentralized peer 2 peer platform protected by utilization of blockchain technology to ensure confidentiality, contracts safety and payment security.
Taskfair is built on the basis of crypto currency using Ethereum-based smart-contracts.This allows it to remove intermediaries in terms of fundraising (banks, payment systems and other regulators) and open borders for the whole world.
Friday, December 1st around 9am EST
To participate in the Taskfair Token Launcn, you will need an Ethereum compatible wallet or an application where you and only you hold the private keys. Private keys are needed to correctly interact with smart contract functions, like transferring cryptographic tokens. Do not send ether (“ETH”) directly from cryptocurrency exchanges, only an ETH compatible wallet. For detailed information and suggestions on how to purchase Taskfair Tokens, click here
We recommend using either:
• MetaMask (Chrome browser addon); or
• MyEtherWallet (no download needed).
Broadly speaking, a token is a custom digital asset that is built on top of a blockchain technology. The token can be owned by anyone and be transferred to someone else if there exists a digital currency exchange that lists the token on its platform. A token can represent any digital asset, such as paid credits, IOUs, points within a gaming application, property rights, and so on. Overall, tokens are valuable because the blockchain provides a mechanism for creating and using a digital asset that is immutable, decentralized, and impossible to counterfeit.
We anticipate that over time, we will need to incentivize the growth of the Taskfair Platform network. The portion of TFT tokens allocated towards the user growth pool is the mechanism that will be used to do this. The Taskfair Platform team will use this pool to award TFT to users for participating on the protocol network and application developers for integrating the protocol. Any undistributed tokens from the initial token launch will be added to the user growth pool. For more details on various ways to utilize the user growth pool, see the section on “Receive GMT to Incentivize Participation” in the whitepaper.
The TFT Token is being provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis without representations, warranties, promises or guarantees. Prior to purchasing TFT Tokens, you should ensure that you carry out your own examination and investigation and carefully review in their entirety the risks associated with purchasing TFT Tokens as set forth in the Purchase Agreement. Purchases of TFT Tokens are non-refundable and purchases cannot be cancelled. Under no circumstances will you be entitled to receive money or compensation for any TFT Tokens purchased or your inability to purchase TFT Tokens.